Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Modern Family Basement Planning

A couple of months ago Erin and I embarked on a really fun project.  Our client wanted help with her basement.  She is the nicest wife ever and basically turned all the planning and approving over to her husband.  This was basically going to be his space to play pool, watch movies and hang out with his kids.  It was all about creating a super fun environment for the family to spend time together.  So we got to work! 

This was the status of the room when we went out.  

It was basically a catch all for unused furniture, exercise equipment and random toys.  We decided to keep the t.v. area in the same spot and source a fun sectional. Behind the sectional we wanted to do a seating area for kids to play games or just lounge.  On the other side of the basement we wanted to do a pool table.

Our biggest problem with the space is that it is super long and felt a little disjointed.  We wanted to do wallpaper on one of the walls to create some wow factor but we couldn't decide which wall! So we decided to do the whole thing.  We were really excited about it but I think we were all a little nervous too. We love wallpaper but an entire basement can be a little much.  We knew we'd have to balance it out with lots of white, solid colors and clean lines.  

We went with this wallpaper:

This was the initial board we sent over. 

When it came to the sectional we didn't even think twice.  We went with the Henry sectional from West Elm. 

We did it in their performance velvet in Ink Blue so it would be easy to clean with all her kiddos.  To mix up the texture we wanted to do a grouping of leather ottomans.  These were some of the options we gave in our initial plan. 

Behind the sectional we had some dead space.  We decided to do a fun seating area for playing cards or just lounging.  We liked these two:


We ended up going with the leather. 

In the middle of the chairs we wanted a fun coffee table.  We sent these options:

In the end our client's chose the Apis.  We also liked how the wood top played off the leather.  

In the far corner of the room there was a nook that we wanted to put a pool table in.  Our clients had a table already but we wanted to snazz it up with some cool light fixtures above it.  We loved these ones! 

We had also sourced these choices :

One of our biggest challenges with a room FULL of patterned wallpaper was to balance it out with lots of solid colors.  That is part of the reason we chose a white rug, white curtains, a solid blue sofa  and white chairs.  We also knew that we would need some big art on the pool table walls to break up all the pattern.  We had made some significant splurges in the space so we needed to be careful with the art.  We had made art out of a shower curtain before and we decided to do it again! 

We went with this fun Astronaut piece.  

When we went out to check on the progress of the basement we decided we'd need a rug in the seating area.  As I said before we wanted to break up all the pattern by bringing in lots of white whenever we could so we chose a great shag rug. 

If you follow us on instagram (@houseofjadeinteriors) you saw a little peek into the project. And stay tuned tomorrow for the reveal! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Last Week's Links

photo via Lay Baby Lay

1 || I love everything about this sweet Birthday Party
2 || This vase is so cute. 
3 || I could think of lots of cute things to do with this Easter banner printable
4 || This is a great DIY idea

image via Brittany Makes

5 || I love how Brittany made over this ikea piece.  She's a DIY genius! 
6 || This is a great tip for keeping your rugs in place. 
7 || I can't believe this throw is such a good deal.
8 || This simple desk would look so good with the base painted gold! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Beauty Routine

I love getting insight into people's favorite everyday beauty products so I thought I'd share mine with you!  My go-to routine is always changing but some products remain consistent favorites.  

Morning: I don't have a ton of time in the mornings especially on days I work. I have to be out of the house with my kids by 9 am.  So my hair usually goes up in a high bun or pony tail and I throw my makeup on.  But on my off days I have longer to get ready so I like to spend a long time getting ready.  Here are my favorite products to use in the morning.  

I have really sensitive skin. If I use anything too harsh I instantly break out so I have to be really careful with what I use.  These are the products I've found work best for me.  After I get out of the shower I use Eminence Bright Skin Masque. It keeps my skin really soft.  Usually after I use it I don't even feel like I need a moisturizer but on extra dry days I'll use a simple moisturizer like Cetaphil.  I have really dry skin so sometimes I'll add essential oils to my moisturizer to really keep my skin from drying out.  I'v been using doterra oils for a couple of years now and I love using them for my skin. Frankincense and Melaluca are two of my favorites.  (For info on ordering contact doterra.clara@gmail.com.)  In the winter I get pretty pasty and my favorite self tanner are these pads by Dr. Dennis Gross.  I'll use one a couple times a month.  Lastly for a little lip maintainence I'll do a sugar scrub once a week and chapstick daily.  After my face is ready it's time for makeup! 

I've been using this foundation for about two years now.  It's creamy and light which I love. 

I love Bare Minerals because it's really easy on my skin.  I use hint as my blush. 

For my eyeshadow I layer Mac's Cork and All that Glitters

I've used Bobbi Brown's eyeliner for years and it's my favorite. It stays on all day. 

I go back and forth between having eyelash extensions and using mascara. When I am using mascara I love this one

I wish I was one of those people who could go to sleep without washing my face but if I even attempted such a thing I'd wake up with a face full of zits. So washing my face every night is a must! Here is my nightly routine...

Nighttime: I've used ALL kinds of face washes and none have been as perfect for me as Doterra's HD Clear wash. I love how mild it feels and it smells so good. I'll also use their Invigorating Scrub every few days to get off all that dry skin.  My two must haves for my face are Doterras' Immortelle and HD Clear Skin Roller. Immortelle has transformed my skin. I don't know what it is about it but it keeps me from breaking out too bad and is supposed to be a really good anti-aging tool. HD Clear Skin roller is perfect for dabbing on my occasional breakout or helping to heal up scars.  

For info on ordering any do terra products contact doterra.clara@gmail.com

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