Monday, March 30, 2015

Last Week's Links

Design by Nick Olsen via Domino 

1 || I love this idea of hanging a single pendant over a dining table.
2 || These lamps are such a good deal.
3 || So many great design tips on this post.
4 || The best ever post about great online fabric resources.
5 || I couldn't get enough of this post about bloggers turned Interior Designers.
6 || I just bough this cute cute dress.

Image by Virginia MacDonald for House & Home

7 || I love all the images from this home. 
8 || This is SUCH a good ikea hack.
9 || Isn't this the cutest idea for easy art?!
10 || This looks like a really fun website.
12 || I'm totally trying this out.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Best Light Fixtures to Hang Over a Tub

Now before I write this post I have to disclaimer that hanging a beautiful chandelier over your tub is against code and could be an electrical hazard... do not try this at home unless you are just a sucker for good design like me. ;)

We've all seen it right? A stunning tub made even more stunning by a gorgeous light fixture hanging above it. 

image via

We recently did one in our clients pretty bath nook. 

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The key to finding the perfect fixture to put over a tub is to find something that stands out on it's own.    I like pieces that have interesting shapes or are really intricate.   If you put something boring over your tub you won't be accentuating it you'll just be downplaying it. 

Here are a few favorites. 

image via House Beautiful 

And if you're really worried about going against code you can just put one near the tub like this! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Recent Home Decor Purchases at an Unexpected Place

At House of Jade we are constantly looking for fun decor pieces.  One place that we randomly run into sometimes is Hobby Lobby. (and no this is not sponsored by them! I just love them ;) There are a few items that we buy over and over because they are such a good deal and so easy to work into any decor scheme.  One item is this pretty pretty succulent.  

I mean those green tones are fabulous!  I have one on my Kitchen shelf.  You can also spot it in this laundry makeover we did:

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and when we styled this bookshelf it popped up again! 

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Another favorite Hobby Lobby item is this cool gold starburst/urchin thing. (not really sure what the correct description would be).  I have one on my t.v. stand.  It seems like we are always looking for items like this that are easy to style anywhere. 

Here's another shot of it in this shot:

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Another favorite is this set of teal glass jars. I have them on my Kitchen table.  

I love the color that they add to a space.  We also used them on these shelves:

You can also spot that same starburst on the top shelf! 

You don't always have to shop at the most expensive places to make your room look expensive.  

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